Wi-Fi Pens a Breed of Smartpen – Bridging the Gap from Papers to the Digital World

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Pens with Wi-Fi are slowly increasing in popularity, though it’s still a bit pricey (about $100 each). But for office workers and students who takes a lot of time taking notes and writing using pen and paper, that hundred bucks will surely upgrade your life to the maximum (maybe even transcend your expectations).

It’s incredible how high tech pens are getting. They powerful ability to record your professor’s voice and sync it accurately while you write will allow you to take and record everything your teacher/professor said.

Livescribe is a company developing the world’s most popular smartpens.

What in the World is a Smartpen?

If you’ve never seen a Smartpen before, then this explanation will surely nail things out. Before you go to a lecture, meeting or a debate (even from a simple conversation), you take your Smartpen, turn it on and then start taking note as usual, this time, however, you do this on a specially coded notebook. The Smartpen digitizes everything that you write which allows you to sync all of your notes to your tablet, smartphone, PC or laptop.

In addition to that, it even records audio the entire time your pen is active, time-coded, which will allow you to listen to what your lecturer, professor or conversational partner is saying at the moment you are writing a particular piece of note. An example is a scenario where a lecture was finished. You got 5 pages of notes, then you turned to page 3 and tapped your Wi-Fi pen, you can hear the audio recordings at the particular moment of the time when you are writing your notes on that page.

Therefore, if your notes were somewhat vague or you’re feeling that something is missing, you can easily play your recordings to hear what was exactly spoken at that moment you wrote your note. It can also be useful when having a conversational dispute, you can easily go back to the sore part of the conversation as it happened.

These pens are made out of aerospace materials which make them durable as heck. Go to http://www.smartpencentral.com/ to learn more about smartpen

How does it Work?

We all knew about Livescribe, and their Wi-Fi pen called The SkyTM Wi-Fi Smartpen offers a powerful option that allows you to access and sync your notes real-time, anytime, anywhere. But how do they work?

They use a tiny camera to record the pen’s position on a special paper, which was manufactured by Anoto. The papers from Anoto’s notebooks has a tiny series of dots which tells the pen about the page it’s on and the exact coordinates or place at where the pen is pointed at the page. As you write, every pen stroke is digitized at 72 dpi. Each page contains a unique dot pattern which allows the pen to create perfectly accurate records.

What’s in it for me?

If you read the whole article carefully, why do you ask? Nope, I’m just joking. There’s a wide array of benefits aside from the obvious ones such as cloud sync and storage. The Wi-Fi pen is currently available here.


Online Technology in the Fishing Industry

Over the years, the fishing industry has grown tremendously. This can be attributed to the technology used in the fishing industry. This has led to increased output and more quality products. Additionally, those who have had the opportunity to use this technology can attest that it has been very beneficial to them. One of the best rated fish finders is the Vexilar T-pod fish finder. This gadget also uses the latest online technologies, making it the ‘holy grail’ for tech lovers.

Choosing the best gadget for fishing

With the numerous models flooding the market, it is surely a hard task trying to find the most appropriate model. However, you need to consider a few factors that will guide you through the process of choosing the best gadget.

Some of the factors to look at include the following:

  1. Price. Different models come in different prices. Additionally, the prices will dictate the quality of the product. Therefore, ensure that you go for the gadget that is being offered at the most reasonable price.
  2. Features. The features on a gadget are a clear indicator on how reliable the gadget is. Therefore, ensure that you carefully look into the features of a gadget. This will also ensure that you get full value for your money.
  3. Reviews. Seeking the opinions of others will help you know how well the gadget will serve. If a gadget is positively reviewed by experts and other customers, then the gadget is reliable.

fish finder

Why you need to choose the Vexilar fish finder

This gadget is very popular among most people in the fishing industry. This is due to the high technology that ensures it serves you diligently. There are numerous benefits that you will leap from using this gadget. Some of the reasons you should consider this fish finder are:

  1. Affordable. Most people expect a high tech gadget to be very expensive. This is not the case with this amazing fish finder. This gadget is offered at very affordable and reasonable prices.
  2. USB port charging system. This allows you to also charge the fish finder from another gadget. You do not have to worry about finding a source of power.
  3. Compatible with most devices. This gadget is compatible with most devices in the market. Some of the devices that are compatible with this gadget are: iPhones with iOS 4.3, iPads and phones using Android 2.0.
  4. Good WI-FI signal. This gadget uses patented WI-FI signals to transmit information to your smart phone or tablet.
  5. WI-FI transmitter systems are portable. You can actually carry the systems that transmit the WI-FI to your fishing expedition. Additionally, these transmitters have batteries to provide the required power to run them. These systems can also be dragged behind the boat or cast from the shore.
  6. Warranty. This gadget comes with a 2 year warranty. This will ensure that your gadget will be repaired or replaced in case it starts developing problems.

More updates about technology particularly setting up software – here!


It is time you also incorporated the latest technology to your fishing. Additionally, ensure that you purchase an original product. If you are also looking to the use of technology in the fishing industry, consider using the Vexilar T-pod fish finder.

Go to http://www.fishfinders.info/ for more reviews about fish finder.


How to Build Your List With List Setting up Software

Have you thought of how to build your list making use of list constructing application? The program you utilize will count on the desires within your company and the techniques you already have. You should think about all facets of your list constructing in advance of generating any choices about working with program.

The initially query you ought to inquire is if your business outgrows the application, will you find a way to move your list? There may be little point in spending effort and time setting up your list, to find that whenever you achieve a sure quantity, you cannot include in almost any far more customers.

You should set oneself time for you to understand the software program your will use, because usually people today just use the essentials, forgetting that the program is designed to make your newsletter get noticed from the crowd.

Can you visualize what it will be like; in the event you use the software and create a newsletter which has graphics, distinct shade for content pieces, and when it seemed a lot more like an offline magazine? Can you visualize the reaction of one’s list when your publication hits their electronic mail, which is exactly what is waiting for them to open up?

How long would you consider it would get them to share the facts, and soon you have a ton more people on your list? You’ll find out that by making use of the software to its full possible has provided you a product which helps make you stand head and shoulders above your rivals.

Your program would not only continue to keep a document of all those people that have signed up for your list, nonetheless it permits you to build newsletters and journal a lot better than most.

The one thing your software program must allow you to complete is enabled individuals to unsubscribe out of your list. Indeed, you may imagine you’ve the very best list, but lots of people will constantly unsubscribe. Just one feature you may want to consider is getting capable to request them why they unsubscribed. Some would not solution, but people that do, read and master from the solutions then see in case you can put any changes into the web-site.

It is not going to create the content, but you must also bear in mind of making the ideal content material possible, and then to make certain it truly is as absolutely free of mistakes as you possibly can.

You could use your application to release your newsletters, but often send oneself a check copy initial. Look at the links to see that you will find no problems. Then your list will know you happen to be somebody that does not retain sending electronic mail following mail apologizing for broken back links. They may understand that when that does transpire, it really is an uncommon event, not something which happens all the time.

The application you use could also make a very good opt-in webpage, and you should appearance at that and see how you can optimize it for your website. Make it personal; make it exceptional to ensure that persons are certainly not viewing it on heaps of different websites. You will discover ordinarily characteristics with software program that men and women really don’t even consider, and by utilizing these, you will find it is easier to build your list utilizing list setting up computer software. Read this


Internet Marketing Strategies For Making Money Online Quickly

This site provides a step-by-step guide on how to start making money online with SEO quickly! Internet marketing is simple but not easy – unless you start off with the RIGHT information from the beginning. This site will help you get started off on the right foot – and do it quickly. Take your time with this process and continue steadily building! Bookmark this site and feel free to come back as often as you need.

1. Keyword research

The first step towards making money online with SEO is proper keyword research. Finding the proper keywords to target is the foundation of your success in internet marketing strategy. Finding the right mix of competition, search volume, and commercial value in the keywords you target will determine whether you can win that fight or not.  It will also help you determine if the keyword is worth the time it would take to win that fight and rank well for it in the search engines. Too much competition will make it nearly impossible to get ranked (if the first page of Google search results are all PR5 with thousands of backlinks you may be better off moving on). Choosing the right keywords = picking a battle you can win Choosing the wrong keywords = picking a battle probably won’t win. Striking the right balance will help you uncover “rankable” keywords. This is a vital key. It takes consistent effort and time to build your online presence and 1st page rankings in any market. Make sure you aren’t doomed from the start by choosing to target the wrong keywords. It is very time-consuming to do all of this research but do yourself a favor and do not skimp during this process. It is well worth the time spent and will make the difference between success and failure. There are several tools out there that can assist you with your keyword research. The first tool you will want to get used to is the Google Keyword Tool.

The Google Keyword Tool gathers keyword search volume, additional related keywords, Google AdWord cost-per-click info (CPC), and even trend month-to-month trend information. The CPC information can helpful in determining the potential commercial value of keywords. CPC is the average cost an advertiser will pay to Google for each click they receive pointing to their website. In theory, the higher the CPC is the more valuable the keyword is and greater the potential for revenue. Microsoft also has a tool called the OCI which helps to put a dollar value to traffic from specific keywords – another great way to separate the tire-kickers from those ready to spend money. There are some great tools out there that can take all of the hard work out of keyword research for you.  Market Samurai is one that I highly recommend. This tool gathers all of the information you need into one spot and with one click. You can easily assess potential traffic commercial value, search volume, amount and strength of competition, additional keywords, etc. If you want to start off with your website with success and profit, this tool will be the most important weapon in your arsenal. I know from personal experience what it is like to pick a no-traffic keyword that only ends up costing money and frustration (the same thing happens if you pick a high-traffic keyword with no commercial value!). Click here to check out Market Samurai and discover their 4 Golden Rules to keyword research to help you get started on the right track!

SEO Process

SEO Process

2. Domain registration and hosting

Your domain name is like the side of town your business is located in – the outward appearance and surroundings create the first impression your potential customers have. Be sure to choose consciously. It helps to choose a domain name that includes the keywords you are targeting. You also will want to stick mainly with .com, .net, and .org extensions for your site. These provide the most credibility to your site. Most people are less comfortable purchasing from .co, .us, etc. The nice thing about internet marketing is that rent for your “building” is very inexpensive! Most websites will only cost you between $7 – $10 per year to have registered. After registering your domain name you will then need to have it hosted. No use having a website if nobody can access it online right? I recommend using the same service you register your domain with as your hosting company – it helps consolidate your website management as well as allowing you to take advantage of package deals most hosting companies offer. There are several good places u can go to purchase domains. Many of them even offer website design templates for easily building your website and giving it a nice look – without having to know any html or other coding languages. GoDaddy.com and Hostgator.com are a couple of reputable companies I recommend and use personally.

3. Content Management

After choosing your target keywords and registering your domain name, you will need to look into a content management system so that you can add to and manage all the new content and information you will be providing on your website. If this is your first time starting a website, I would recommend starting with a WordPress blog. WordPress allows you to build your website for free, provides many design templates for giving your website the look and feel you want, while most importantly allowing you to easily update your site with new information. Click here to check out WordPress.com and get started putting your site together.

4. Provide Valuable Content

Valuable content and information are what users are looking for – and that’s exactly what Google wants your help with. Google has established itself as the authority on information. If somebody needs a phone number these days, we don’t call an operator or use the Yellowpages – we Google it. Because Google wants to maintain their status it is important to them that they are able to deliver the content its users are searching for. That’s where you come in.

If it weren’t for you and your valuable content, Google would have nothing to show – and would therefore have no way to generate advertising revenue as it does. By providing relevant and high-value content, through blog posts, articles, videos, and other methods, you keep people coming back to your site as well as keep Google’s opinion of your site high (1st page ranking). People are also more likely to respond to your recommendations and/or product offers if they feel they can trust you and feel that they have received value from visiting your site. One of Google’s objectives is to provide the most relevant content it possibly can in relationship to the keywords being searched. So focus on giving Google and web-surfers the information they desire:

  1. Provide unique and meaningful information that is relevant to the keywords you are targeting
  2. Do NOT keyword-stuff! This is an old-school trick that will not help anything and needs to just stay in the old-school. Viewers of your website are also smart enough to recognize your insincerity and will take this as you having an agenda that is only self-serving and not mutually beneficial. This will have a negative impact on how much they trust you. (and nobody likes to buy from somebody they don’t trust)
  3. Do your best to update your website as often as possible – this will help continue building your credibility. Google also likes to see fresh and consistent content being generated

5. Optimize and Tag your content properly

Have you ever thought about what Google uses to consider content relevant to the keywords? The key is in keywords and tags. HTML tags, Metatags, and anchor text are all considered content to Google. When Google sends out crawlers to search your site, it associates your website with keyword variations based on the words it finds inside your content pages and tags. Again you do not want to keyword stiff. the other side of the coin is that you want your keywords to appear enough that Google and your viewers can make the association between what they searched and the fact that what they found on your site or in your tags is what they are looking for.

a. Proper tags

b. H1, H2, Descriptions

e. w3schools.com is a great resource for learning the basics of html

6. Build quality backlinks

Word of mouth referrals have always been one of the most important forms of marketing to any business. Backlinks are the online equivalent of a word-of-mouth endorsement. Nobody knows exactly how Google crunches numbers to develop its ranking but we do know that the more quality endorsements you have (backlinks) recommending your site, the higher your chances are of achieving a first page ranking.

There are two things to consider when building backlinks – quality and quantity. The idea is to have as many backlinks with the highest quality possible all pointing to and endorsing your site. This “link juice” is a major factor in Google’s determination on how reputable (and how likely you are to show up on first page search results) your site is. Google designates a websites “Page Rank” on a scale from 0-10 with 10 being the highest possible Page Rank (and highest quality reputation). For instance, Google.com has a Page Rank of 9, Microsoft.com has a Page Rank of 8, and Entrepreneur.com has a Page Rank of 7. If each of these three sites were optimized in the exact same way for the keyword “internet marketing”, Google’s Page Rank would prevail and most likely it would show as the first result in the search engines. Other factors that come into play are how old the webpage is (the older the better), and how relevant the content is to the keyword being searched.

Therefore you want to develop as many quality endorsements pointing to your optimized content that you possibly can. The more you have, the higher your reputation will be and the better your chances of getting your website ranked. If you happen to know the CEO of Microsoft and Google and get direct backlinks from them endorsing your site that will be all you have to do! If that is not the case, you will need to develop other creative internet marketing strategies to help build backlinks – hundreds and possibly even thousands will be necessary depending on how competitive your market is. Nobody knows the exact ratios of page reputation between, let’s say, a page rank 1 and a page rank 2 but we do know it isn’t linear (i.e. it might take 10 PR 0’s to equal a PR 1 but might take 100 PR 0;’s to equal a PR 2). There are many different strategies you employ in your link-building efforts:

  1. link trading with other websites
  2. article marketing
  3. purchasing backlinks
  4. social bookmarking

I have found great success with article marketing. It’s a great way to get your feet wet online as well as very effective for building backlinks at no cost other than your time. If you don’t like writing articles (or simply can’t) you can even look at having ghostwriters produce unique content for you. You can usually have a quality article written for you for less than $10 per article. Once you have content ready for syndication all you need are some articles to submit too.

Two of the major directories you might want to consider are dmoz.org and the Yahoo directory. These directories have been around the longest and are great for credibility building but can be very challenging to get into. The waiting list is very long for DMOZ.org due to the fact that all submissions are reviewed by human eyes, submission is free, and the site is run entirely by a staff of volunteers. This creates a backlog of submissions waiting to get into review. Yahoo has shifted more towards paid submissions and you will find mostly larger businesses dominating this directory because of that. You can also look at several other major article sites such as Ezine Articles, Squidoo, Goarticle, and many more. You can simply search for free article directories in Google to find hundreds more.

I recommend writing out a plan to submit your content to 5-10 directories a day – and stay at it! If you can break it down into manageable chunks and keep working at it consistently you will start to develop a strong network of backlinks and will slowly start seeing results. If this is too robotic (and boring) for you, check out Unique Article Wizard. This tool will completely automate your article submission for you, assist with spinning the content to ensure unique submissions, and will save you lots of time so that you can focus on managing other parts of your business (like developing new content to submit).

Link Juicer is another great tool for taking all of the hard work out of link building. Similar to the Unique Article Wizard, Link Juicer will “drip-submit” your content to hundreds of Social Bookmarking sites, while also building links on top of your links. This helps you develop not just hundreds of direct links, but instead a network of links all pouring reputation your way. Combining Link Juicer with Unique Article Wizard can have hundreds of backlinks built for you in only a few days, giving your website a high-octane link-building boost!

These are some very simple internet marketing strategies to get you started and are very effective when implemented together. Always begin with proper keyword research. Not every website you build will be successful moneymakers. There are times when you will need to just cut your losses and move on if a website just isn’t working out for you. Choosing the right keywords from the beginning will help minimize the occurrence of this situation. Provide valuable content with proper tags and keyword density and frequency, and build a network of quality endorsements from other websites and you will be well on your way to making money online in SEO and internet marketing.


Make Money With Google

Make Money Google PlusMake Money Google Plus

Make Money Google Plus

Larry and Sergei created Google in their garage. And Google made them billionaires in a very short time of a decade or so! Is there any way for us general public to make money with Google? Can Google Money Master help us in improving our money making skills? Google services can definitely help us in that front.

Google Home Income system was created to assist you earn money from Google Advertisement. You can accomplish you dreams by knowing how to monetize blogs and websites. The intention of the Google Home Income program is to enable you make as much profit as possible with the least expense as you can.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The system is user friendly; anyone can make use of it without any problems. For those who have already used the system, they have proved Google Home income to be reliable and trustworthy. This is the perfect opportunity for those who are interested in earning profits while at home.

The system allows people who are employed to earn additional income. They can achieve their dreams without necessarily becoming the owners of the product. All they need to do is to connect their internet and devise methods of keeping their customers returning. They can seek advice from the professional.

The disadvantage of this system is that you might experiences difficulties in receiving responses from the users of the product. However, it is advantageous to everyone basing on the fact that it has been designed by the experts in internet business marketers.

This system is the best way to make easy Google profit because it assists anyone at the time of recession who is seeking of ways to make more revenues in a cheap way. After the tests, the system proved to be 99 % effective. However, it is important for you to carry out trials yourself because you will have the chance to evaluate the risks that involves with the system as well the mitigation measures to put in place.

Further information shows that you can make easy Google profits of between $200.00 and $900.00 by running an advertisement. However, the outcome depends entirely on the amount of input time on the program.



 Familiar With Google Services

You must be familiar with at least some Google services. Gmail and Google search engine are the most popular among them. Anyone can use them for free. In addition to these Google provides a bunch of free services and some paid services. Adwords and Adsense are two Google services which can help you to make money. A lot of people are already making their living through these Google money mastering tools. Internet marketers use Adwords to reach their customers. Bloggers use Adsense to make a profit out of their work.

Google Money Master is an online coaching program which teaches you how to make good money from your web sites using Adsense and Adwords. Usually, you have to do hard work and bring your site’s earnings up slowly. But through this program, you can increase your ability to make money through these Google services quite a lot.

Adwords is the best targeted marketing resource available at your disposal. Your ads will be displayed for the people who are searching for a key word that you purchased. As the person is already searching for that keyword, the chances that the completion of a sale occurring is really high.

Bloggers use Adsense in the text ads on their web pages. They get paid for the clicks, views etc happening on those ads. Google Money Master techniques can help you a lot in increasing the returns from Adwords and Adsense. Hence this is a really beneficial way in making money using these Google services.


Easy Google Profit

Money is an essential part for every one’s daily activities. You can gain this through a variety of methods. The traditional methods like working in an office, teaching, nursing etc are some of them. Then there are online jobs like selling and marketing etc as well. One new online avenue advertised to you to make money is easy Google profit. But you cannot distinguish the real online deals from the crappy ones easily. We checked  easy Google profit out and are providing you our insights on this promising method here. Read along and you can choose a safe Google money kit system without getting cheated of your money.

People are always in the quest for money. They choose different paths to achieve this. Some go for legitimate methods. Some opt for easy to get rich schemes. Now a days, there are a lot of methods being marketed at these people. An example is Google home income.  Easy Google profit is another one of the methods marketed to such customers. How good is Easy Google profit in reality? The big question is, how do you know which method is a genuine one and which one is a scam?We are describing our experience with the system here in this article. Read along and you will not be scammed.

Google Profits

Google Profits

Easy Google profit is a program where you are taught the steps of making money online. The program is really easy to understand and is explained in a simple manner. Adwords and Adsense, two programs of Google are used so as to provide you great dividends. In this program, you have to create websites and then make money through Google’s Adsense program as well as Adwords program. We got really great results during our trial.

This method is a simple method to understand. You need not be a tech savvy person to make use of this system. You can start making a few dollars in the start. But as time goes by, your number of sites will increase and so is your returns. Easy Google profit gives you reasonable return for the measly 2 or 3 hours you will have to spend every week.

This method is not at all expensive at $1.99. As we have gained exciting returns for our investment, you will also be happy to have joined the program. In a very short time span itself, Google home income generated from this program would turn the world around for you.

The program easy Google profit coaches you how to make money using their method. The system involves creating websites and then using Adsense and Adwords ( both provided by technological giants Google) on them. In the very short time we used this method, we received very satisfying returns.

Is easy Google profit for everyone? Or do you need to be technologically savvy? The system is really simple and can be followed by any average person. If you are not at all familiar with computers and internet, you may need a little bit of extra time before you can see the desired results. But this lagging will be apparent only in the initial phase. Once you start using the system and are really familiar with it, then you can gain the results by spending only a couple of hours or so each week. As you start to own more and more websites, the returns will increase significantly.

As the trial offer of  easy Google profit is available for a paltry rate of $1.99, anyone can afford it. We found it to be really satisfactory for us. And the great results were obtained in a very short time of only a few months! Give Google money kit system a try and you will not regret the decision! Read more articles here